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reed & barton silverplated turtle music box

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Item #: BMBX0182


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This beautiful music box, handcrafted in silverplate, makes a perfect gift for animal lovers young and old.

Plays: Brahms' Lullaby

Made in the USA.

Care: Be careful not to overwind a musical movement; permanent damage may result. Turn the key gently clockwise, making sure it does not reach the point where it will turn no more. If your music box has an on/off switch, you can start or stop play by turning the knurled knob. Silverplated pieces should be cleaned with the same care as solid metals. If there is no tarnish present, clean with a phosphate-free detergent. Polishes that require rinsing are less abrasive because they use a liquid to suspend the polishing ingredients. If you use this type of polish, dry the piece immediately with a cotton dish towel to avoid spotting. Don't use polishes that have dried up; the abrasive particles are now much too concentrated and can be harmful.